someone should tell you

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Which would you prefer?

A complete stranger telling you that there is toilet paper hanging from you pants  or a late discovery hours, minutes later

I sat through a two hour meeting with a small black comb in the front of my head.  After the meeting I chatted with various people. I discovered the comb which was front and center during a brief mirror check in the men’s room.   I was angry with people who knew me and didn’t mention the comb.  I tried to justify their silence by thinking perhaps they thought it was a new African American hair style but no.  A few days later I spoke to the three people and calmly said we should look out for each other.   Everyone apologized but it still burns.

The lead in a sales meeting forgot to zip up her dress.  In the meeting their were 4 females and seven males.  It was a male who walked up and whispered in her ear.

A few days ago, a Congresswoman from Florida was on The View, her wig wasn’t on correctly.  There she was on a National TV show with her natural hair showing.

Unzipped pants,  un-tucked shirts, face boogers, and other social embarrassments where are your friends? or would you mind if a stranger told you ?






friends, I made the discovery after a brief mirror check  WHO, I yelled at later.  I’m