Reclaiming My Smile

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Say his name, Say his name and heads spin around, people lean in and then were are off on yet another round of the Presidents crimes and misdemeanors.

I love “The View’s”  Joy Behar but I’m turning on her.  Ok she hates Trump,. Yes, yes, yes. She reminds viewers on every single episode.. She works herself up in the first few minutes and  blames the president for everything including her uneven morning toast. Enough!

I understand, there is a growing hopelessness, a feeling he is unstoppable and some believe he will get another term.   I worry these same people may sit out the election, which will insure another four years.

I found myself commenting about him on social media every single day.

Its very easy to get caught up in the hourly soap opera that is the White House. We all knew the Reality Star posing as successful billionaire would be interesting ,but no one expected this Shit Show!

This obsession with the Trump Administration has taken a toll on my smile.

He has become an obsession with millions of Americans.  I know people who called in sick to hear the Mueller report.  People who took time off work  to watch the Impeachment hearings, become despondent  over an outcome that the world predicted.

The people who seem less affected by this crazy, are those persons who are not on social media, who are not watching Cable News.

Recently at a small gathering  when the conversation turned Trump I left.  I went to the bathroom and watched silly videos on my phone for five minutes.

At times its impossible to re-direct the conversation. So I look for the eyes…. the person who is over Trump chat.    At this gathering, was a such a man. He refuses to talk to wife about the President.  While his wife and my friend engaged . We stepped away, and had a refreshing chat about the local music scene and he recommended a couple of  venues in Folsom.   Meanwhile over in the Trump Corner there were no smiles, just harden faces.

I was unaware of the change in my personality until a friend told me he didn’t want to talk about politics.  He said I know it’s terrible, but you remind me of my dad, who seem to enjoy the misery. It’s Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow every night, talk radio in the car.

It’s time to Reclaim my smile, and joy.   I’ve ripped off the bandaid and going cold Turkey. I’ve turned off Inside Politics and Cuomo.  I still listen to Alter Family Politics on Sirius xm on Thursdays, unlike Cable News it’s a Generational discussion about politics that isn’t an Baby Boomer hour filled with anger.

If this resonates with you. Change the channel, or better still come out into the light.  There is beauty right in your neighborhood.  Avoid the negative chatter, there other issues and grassroot organizations in your community that may benefit from your presence.  Its true, misery loves company.  But were not obligated to participate.

  I’m  avoiding the circles and stepping into the light.  I plan to work for the Democratic Nominee and make what his name a one term President.  Meanwhile who has a good Meatloaf recipe that doesn’t include twenty strips of bacon, and a pound of cheese?