Sacramento’s Recipe for Disaster: Homeless Teenagers in Trailers?

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Really Really Bad Idea!

The Mayor and the City Council rubber stamped a very bad idea Tuesday night.  Perhaps they should have polled a group of parents with 18-24 year old adult children before voting.

Perhaps, I’m missing a few details in the plan for the trailers.  Perhaps they have included 24/7 on site security/police.  Let’s hope so for the surrounding community..

The homeless/ low income housing issue must be shared citywide. In most cities, the quick fix is to place  homeless and low income housing in lower income areas of the city.  This is currently happening in Sacramento.

Some homeless individuals need time to re-acclimate into society.  Last summer there was a fire at a senior apartment complex downtown.   Some of the tenants believed a new tenant ,who was previously homeless, accidentally started a fire in her unit when she placed candles near her closet.

Long term solution is more than placing an individual or family into a home.

There are several layers of homelessness.  There is the individual who recently became homeless after losing there job.   Next layer is someone who is chronically homeless, who are  homeless several time a year. Then individuals and families who have been homeless a year or more.

Once placed, the last two groups will need monoriting and counseling to be successful. However, I am not talking 18-24 year olds, who has little to no experience of being on their own and maintaining a residence. Especially in Sacramento where its not uncommon for a one bedroom apartment to cost more that $1200 a month.

This age group is better served in group housing where they are given tools that will prepare them for independent living.

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