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It’s the BIG TEST, now who they think you are?

For nearly 30 years no Democrat have received the keys to the White House without the support of the black voter.

Black people make up over 60% of the Democratic Party in The Palmetto State.

This is first the big test of the six candidates (Michael Bloomberg is not on the ballot)   Surviving candidates will make adjustments to tailor their speeches to appeal to black voters in other    By all accounts, the race is Biden’s to lose.

In the last week, I’ve been following the Candidates politicking in South Carolina on you tube.

If Billionaire and Professional Trump hater, Tom Steyer receives more than 6% of the vote tonight. I expect him to buy a wave cap.  He has spent millions in South Carolina.  Steyer is talking Reparations and  125 billion dollars for historically Black Colleges and Universities.   If this man gets through SUPER TUESDAY, expect him to nominate Snoop Dog  for the Head of Agriculture, and  Magic Johnson for the Secretary of State.  Let’s be clear! if he gets that far, his running mate will be a black woman.!

Even with last minute Afro puffs and this years Dashiki , Amy Klobuchar is DOA, she seems indifferent to the Black Community in South Carolina.

Elizabeth Warren, connects well with black women and older voters.  Black women has campaigned for her throughout South Carolina, however she has been largely a no show.  We’ll see how that works for her.

. Pete Buttigieg is the white boy. He doesn’t have the experience of the other candidates.  South Bend, Indiana has a population of less than 110,000 people.  60% of it’s citizens are white, 26% black, 13% latino.  He struggles with people of color.  In South Carolina, he has met with a lot of skeptical black people who don’t get him and he doesn’t know how to reach them.   Unlike Warren, he doesn’t have a team of black surrogates working for him. Unlike Steyer, he hasn’t promised anyone 30 acres and a mule.  The 38 year old Mayor, hasn’t runaway from his history with black people in his city of  South Bend Indiana, he readily admits his shortcomings and failures.   Some older black Democrats struggle with his sexuality, others are moved by his frankness and his faith.   He is slowly building support within the black community and is making inroads with younger Democrats and women. The operative word is slowly. Of all the candidates in South Carolina, his candidacy is the most pure and the most complicated.  News at 11

While former Vice President Joe Biden has the older black voters on lock in South Carolina .Bernie Sanders has made inroads with younger black voters.  Unlike their parents and grandparents, they don’t have a history with Biden and being the Vice President of a beloved President isn’t enough.  His revolution, $ 15 minimum wage and health care for all resonates with younger voter in South Carolina.  For the last few weeks he has been chipping away at Biden’s lead with black voters

Former Vice President Joe Biden should win tonight. However, he doesn’t need to just win, he needs to win BIG!  Bernie Sanders has more people working for him in the state, Steyer has spent the most money in the state and Bloomberg who’s name is not on the ballot has run ads in South Carolina.   Biden’s Campaign is short on cash, staff and momentum. He needs a Grand Slam Tonight.