Covid-19 gets personal

The weather was nice last weekend in Sacramento.  It was my third week in captivity and I was itching to rent a car and venture beyond my four walls. An expired Driver License has delayed my adventure for a week.

The world is closed, without the daily distractions my personal relationships are front and center. Because of  the Corona Virus, I find myself calling everyone in my phone book, some people I haven’t spoken to in years for a wellness check.

Friday evening, I  learned two friends in New York City are recovering from the Corona Virus.  One is at home and the other is recuperating in a hospital in the city.   On Sunday, I learned a friend in Washington is in the hospital with the virus and this morning I another friend who was taken to the hospital last night in Georgia.

In the last 72 hours the Corona Virus became personal, its no longer a number on the upper right corner on CNN.   Its a friend I went to school with, a friend who took my mother to the hospital when I was out of town.  A friend, who helps me find my center when my life was out of control and a friend I’ve known forever in New York.

Nearly 800,000 Americans have contracted the Corona Virus since January.

Four of my friends are included in this number….