Another fun moment with President Lysol (This week ObamaGate)

Trump admin. warns Americans not to inject disinfectant after ...

Men and women boys and Girls, Its that time again to play President Lysol’s favorite GAME


Drag Race Lol GIF by RuPaul's Drag Race

President Lysol’s Rules: Come up with a theory.  Ideally off the top of ones head.  Repeat the theory as often as possible.  If someone questions you or wants you to connect your theory to a fact.

      1. Tweet your theory.   2. Punt, reassure them that is coming and it will be big. 3. Attack and humiliate.  ” Oh your asking a gotcha question. ” Why are you asking such a mean question “and than belittle their qualifications and the news organization they work for.   (5 bonus points if its a woman.  25 bonus points if its a woman of color -Minus 5 bonus points if its RT,  Minus 25 bonus points if its Fox News)   4. Continue to Tweet, and recruit other Republicans to support your theory. 5. Quietly retreat, if your theory fails to gain traction. Replace with another Distraction.



President Lysol, needs a distraction. The daily Covid-19 hearings have taken a toll on his polling numbers in many red states and there are many Republicans candidates who believe his negatives are pulling down rest of the Ticket.   In a recent CBS poll ,when it comes to Covid-19,  62% of Americans trust Fauci, while just 38% trust the president.

While the President is currently leading in the battleground states ,he is currently losing in the Republican Strongholds of Florida, Texas, and Arizona.   He needs to attach Obamagate to the pandemic and former Vice President Biden.  However there are cracks in his master plan as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell backed away from the President, admitting yesterday that Obama did leave a plan.

Theory By CityFella

The General Michael Flynn portion of the program.

Before he took the oath of office.  Lysol, was warned about Michael Flynn by the Obama Administration.   But of course he knows more that the other experts who had information regarding Flynn and the Russians and added him to his administration.

Flynn lied to the FBI.  Lied to Vice President Pence. Lysol confirmed the lie.  Flynn admitted he lied.  The smoking gun is the list of Officials who wanted to know the identity of the person speaking to the Russians. The problem with the gun, is connecting the dots. Were the actions of those officials unlawful?

On Wednesday……..

Washington Post Reporter, Phillip Rucker asked President Lysol……


“What is the crime exactly that you’re accusing Obama of?”


“You know what the crime is. The crime is very obvious to everybody. All you have to do is read the newspapers, except yours.”


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