Howard Stern says he hates Trump Supporters

I’m a fan of Howard Stern, a man known for speaking his mind.   Earlier this week he went after a sizeable part of his fan base, the young Trump Supporter.

Donald Trump has been on the Stern show more than two dozen times.  He has been a vocal critic on President Lysol’s handling of the CoronaVirus. He has encouraged the President in inject himself with bleach on air, he mocked Trump supporters and told them they should drink bleach and die,

Stern said the President has asked for his endorsement.   Stern announced this week he is supporting Joe Biden.   The blow back has been mild so far with Lysol, Jr calling  Stern’s opinions “disappointing,” and said that in fact, Trump won the election because he relates so well to blue-collar workers, who he has worked with his entire life.    There’s a reason why you see guys within our company, even today, they started off as construction guys, started off as drivers, and they’re like executives because he gave them a chance.

He also said that Stern “got a taste of Hollywood,” and is attacking Trump to try to stay relevant.   On Twitter, Lysol Jr called Stern pathetic, a “neutered shell of his former self,” and a politically correct person that Stern of two decades ago would be ashamed to see. It’s one thing to attack my father, but Stern is pathetic for attacking Trump supporters These are salt of the earth blue-collar patriots who just want to live their American dream. My family is proud to have their support & we’ll always have their backs!