“First in the US?”Lassen Country California closes business


Lassen Association Of Realtors

200 miles northeast of Sacramento lies Lassen County.   Lassen County, has a population of 30,000

Lassen County was one of two counties in California that had no confirmed Covid-19 cases since March 4.

As of Wednesday, the county has six cases, prompting public health officials to rescind its phase two variance  their orders for a week.

This means restaurants and other businesses will have to close for seven days but will be able to reopen after that time.

Lassen County Public Information Officer Richard Egan says this short-term order will give health officials the time they need to come up with a plan that will benefit the community and fully understand the magnitude of the virus in the county.

“Contact tracing gave rise to some current concerns by our health officer that there may be or may spread more than anyone would be comfortable with. So, that’s why the decision to impose a local health officer order a little bit more restrictive than the statewide order,” said Egan.

They are currently working on testing about 80 people who were in close contact with two of the individuals that tested positive for COVID-19.

People tested must remain in quarantine until Lassen Public Health receives their results.