Why did Rayshard Brooks run?

DA says felony murder charge on table in Rayshard Brooks shooting ...

When I started this blog, the goal was to be light, not too political and fun.

Something changed when Treyvon Martin was killed, a teenager being hunted down by a neighborhood vigilante. Freed by a law I didn’t know existed . ” Stand your ground” which allows people to be able to kill if they feel threatened. Being a black man who stand 6.4 and 370 pounds, I decided Florida was not longer a travel destination. But the more I tried , I couldn’t ignore the story.

Friday, night Rayshard Brooks may have had too much to drink. He had fallen asleep in a Wendy’s fast food drive through and was blocking traffic. Mr Brooks failed a sobriety test and struggled with Atlanta PD officers. breaking free one of the officers used a stun gun. Mr Brooks reportedly took the nonlethal taser from one of the officers and ran. He was shot twice in the back as he ran away.

I’ve never seen this response by the police on Cops or Live P.D. even after the subject ran away from the police.

A fleeing unarmed Mr Brooks, no threat to the community, no threat to the officers became another statistic. Another unarmed young black man dead, leaving a mountain of hurt and a sea of tears to those who loved him.  One suspects he ran because he like many other black men he ran to live and failed.