Wayback Machine (2013) When Ok Cupid Introduces you to people you know

(2013) If you’ve been in a long term relationship of ten years or more, you have discovered the world has changed.  No more meetings at the malt shop after the sox hop and meeting the love of your life sitting in the booth to your left.

Wait, that’s not my life, I just finished watching an old black and white MGM pic with Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney (who?)

But you get the point…. The world is chainged.   I was married for more than two decades. It was back in the day, when the Disco is where you went on a Friday night and when two or more people did the bump on the dance floor.

A lot of people believe the net is better than the time tested, social based traditional dating.   All you need is the right picture and profile and the world is yours……..

Not quite….

If found the net challenging,  unlike traditional dating, there are more places for people to hide. The net has more twist and turns than a mystery novel.    My first encounters were a series of no-shows, old pictures, Instant love scary (I will love you FOREVAH-just add water and stir) and misrepresentations.  I soon learned  monogamy meant “sex tonight with me only”

Ok Cupid

Said, they were different, you are asked a gillion questions.  That would eventually lead me to the love of my life.    It was different, like the other sites there were still quite afew insecure persons, but the discussions were different..  Only one person asked me for a nude photo (sorry not sorry, don’t have one, wont take one.)   I actually went on a few dates. Years later, I returned to old school, traditional dating, I found it to be easier than online dating.


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