Lyft Driver attacked, he said, he said and the dashcam


Its was late night, early Sunday Morning in Palm Coast, Florida.  a Lyft driver was called to pick up three passengers, two adults one 7 year old child.

His Side

One passenger, 36 year old Travis Smith attacked the Lyft driver from the backseat while the car was in motion.  Smith said the Lyft driver was wreckless, blowing through red lights and he feared his life was in danger and he forced the Lyft driver to pull over.

Deputies were alerted just after midnight that two males were fighting in an intersection of Belle Terre Parkway and Royal Palm Parkway. Deputies arrived to find Smith on top of another man and restricting his movement..  The Deputies ordered Smith to get off the driver, Smith reportedly told the Deputies “You Ready for him”?

The Other Side

The 43 year old Lyft driver said as Mr Smith and party entered the car.  Mr Smith, asked about the plastic particion in the car. At one point the interior light came on indicating a door was open.     Mr Smith became upset and ripped the partician down and grabbed the driver putting him in a chokehold, striking the driver in the eye causing the car to almost crash and go accross the median into the southbound lanes. The driver said Smith spit on him and the Deputy noticed spit under his eye.


The video footage revealed, Mr Smith was dishonest and was high intoxicated. While the passenger,  35 year old Andrew Kastl, was not involved in the fight, he could be heard saying ” Get That MotherFucker”.

The Video


Andrew Kastl and his son are from Maine, they were staying with Travis Smith.  When the Deputy asked Mr Smith for a key to his residence he stated ” Go Fuck yourselves” the Deputies took Mr Kastl and Son to a nearby hotel.

Meanwhile, Travis Smith was taken to the BIG HOUSE without insident. Where he was charged with Battery and child abuse (placing the child in danger).

Mr Smith is free on a $7500 bond.  Wonder if his friend is still in the hotel….

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