Russia: Paddleboarding Festival Draws Thousands in Russia (Looks like Covid-19 Disaster on Water)


From TMZ

Russia beat the U.S. into orbit in the ’60s, and might have thought they beat us in COVID-safe fun — but looking at these images of paddleboarders packed together, we gotta say … nyet.


This stand-up paddleboarding festival went down over the weekend in St. Petersburg, which drew thousands of paddleboarders to the canals of the Fontanka River. Unfortunately, they were all smashed together at the start and finish of the event, and definitely NOT socially distant.



Some folks are standing, others are sitting … and to be fair, once they got out and about paddling on the water most everyone was exercising at a safe distance. Looks like good, clean virus-free fun.


The one thing we’re not seeing a whole lot of … masks. Win some, lose some, and truth is that would be fine since they’re all spaced out.


But, that bottleneck when they’re all crowded into a canal is Dr. Fauci‘s worst nightmare come true.


BTW, Vladimir Putin claiming to have the first coronavirus vaccine up and running — despite skepticism from U.S. scientists. If he’s right though, these paddle boarders should be first in line!