The BEST birthday EVER: Murdering the side chick!

On September 26th,  Ashley Spencer will be 34 years old.

On the 26th Ashley, planned to give herself the ultimate birthday gift, by killing her husband’s side chick.

Not only did she have an idea, Ashley had a plan….

Brevard County (Florida) Sheriff Department got involved in August, after a friend reported Ashley making threats against the side chick and her child.  She said Ashley wanted  to “beat her ass and wanting to do harm to her (the side chick’s) baby.

The side chick is a corrections deputy with the Brevard Sheriffs Office.  Ashley told her friend, she was planning to buy a gun.  The friend noticed a change in her, and said Ashley shaved her head and has seen a psychiatrist in the past.

On Snapchat, Ashley asked (the source-an undercover federal agent)’You know of any felons that dont give a damm about life and will to do the Job?”  The source online said “Ha Ha Ha-what job you want done?  Ashley, told him, “cant tell you, don’t want you to be accused of anything” 

The Fix and the plan

During a recorded phone call. the source said she had found someone who would kill the side shick for a grand.  “Ashley stated that she could come up with the money and would like to talk to the male in person,”

On September 2nd, Ashley met with the felon (actually an undercover federal agent) and agreed to pay 2 grand for the felon’s assistance in the murder.   Ashley, wanted to shoot the side sick as she slept.  She wanted the felon to help her break into the side chicks home and then dispose of the gun after the murder.

Ashley had it all down….    she planned to leave her car and her cell phone at a relative’s house, some two hours away.  She planned to borrow someone’s car to committ the crime and planned to wear gloves to protect her hands from gun powder.

Ashley, told the undercover agent, she wanted to get it done by her birthday, September 26, and that could be her birthday gift.

Ashley’s Rage

She told the agent, she and her husband had been trying to conceive a child, specifically a boy and Ashley found out the side chick had a baby boy.  Ashley, learned of the baby, when the side shick filed for child support.  Ashley began calling the side chick threatening her, resulting in an application for a restraining order.  The order was dismissed on August 6.

Charged with solicitation to commit murder and solicitation to commit burglary, both felonies,  Ashley Spencer is being held in the Brevard County jail in lieu of $350,000 bond. She is scheduled for arraignment on October 1.