A man and his money (A look Back)

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Past behavior is often the best predictor of future behavior, and the same is true of success. 

Donald Trump has a secret, its behind curtain number three.  The public is not invited as it reveals everything he holds so dear. A image of sucess 

Donald Trump 1990: a Percursor?

Donald Trump appeared with Barbara Walters on ABC’s 20/20  interview to promote his book “Surving at the Top”  The language used in 1990  is very simaler to words he uses today.

By 2005, the man who penned the Art of the Deal couldn’t borrow money from any American Bank.  He filed bankrupbpy six seperate times.

Barbara Walters had her facts…….   In the e summer of 1990, his businesses, the three casinos in Atlantic City, the Plaza Hotel, and the Trump Shuttle airlines,couldn’t meet their interest payments. Some of the dozens of banks that had lent money to Trump were threatening to foreclose on their loans,, including one for Trump personally.

The banks eventually agreed to keep him afloat by extending another sixty-five million dollars in credit.  He has been forced to cede management control over his multibillion-dollar empire, at least temporarily, to the bankers who came to his rescue.” The banks eventually agreed to keep him afloat by extending another sixty-five million dollars in credit.

The financial reprieve that Trump’s businesses received turned out to be temporary. In 1991, his Taj Mahal casino, in Atlantic City, filed for bankruptcy protection, and, not very long after, so did his other two casinos—the Trump Plaza and the Trump Castle. In 1992, the Plaza Hotel filed for bankruptcy, and Trump agreed to turn over many of his remaining assets, including Trump Shuttle, to his creditors. With the help of the banks and his father, who repeatedly gave him money, Trump managed to escape the humiliation of personal bankruptcy, but his days as a swashbuckling entrepreneur were done.

For a decade, or more, he largely confined himself to licensing deals, entertainment ventures, and minority investments that cashed in on his personal brand, which somehow survived his dramatic fall.  Donald Trumps failed businees include all his Atlantic City Casinios, Trump Shuttles, Trump Steaks, Trump Vodka, Trump Mortgage, Trump, the Game, Trump Magazine, Trump Ice, The New Jersey Generals, Tour de Trump, Trump Network, Plaza Hotel and Trump Entertainment.