Presidential Elections 2020 (I can’t, I cant, I CANT!!)

Every presidential election cycle, I tell myself I should get extra sleep the night before. Once I see the map, its on.

So there I am in bed with a note pad and pens, surrounded by my love ones, two laptops ,two tablets and my cell phone all turned to a news show. With the “65” tuned to CNN. On the devices is ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, and MSNBC. on the “65′ two laptops, two tablets, and my cell phone.

Of the election shows CNN is far and away my favorite. John King at CNN is a machine, he is knowledgeable and entertianing and I find it difficult to tear myself away.

Every election cycle is exciting and then it becomes torturous affair. I feel the excitement as the results start to come in. As it slows the political pundits take over with their dysfunctional crystal balls (literally). So one by one I started turning off the annoying shows. First up was MSNBC (sorry Rachel) but Clare Mccaskill’s voice and predictions caused me to chew my bedding. ABC was next followed by Fox News, I was annoyed by the graphics and I can only watch the Stepford News People for so long ( the hair the clothes-Fox must own shares of Sears Stock)

CBS was okay, but suddenly results from Texas and Florida disappeared, they stopped giving senate results so I turned off CBS and NBC. So standing alone on the “65” was CNN. Again when it comes to elections CNN is the big cheese. The graphics, music is top notch but by 10 pm I became discouraged. Texas stayed red, no one talked about the Senate races and Trump was leading in states that should have been a shoo in for Biden. At 3am I turned on Morning Joe, where there were political analysts admitting they didn’t know anything. . duh! I’m hyperventilating now, I expect Hillary to come out any moment. This isn’t how I wanted to begin my Wednesday with my head locked on the results. Needing a diversion, I remembered I had Hulu on my phone and there is nothing like a fight between the Countess and Bethenny on the Real Housewives of New York. Bethenny just called the Countess a whore and there is peace in the world.