Day 4: He won’t dance, don’t ask him

Gender Confusion? - Rudy Giuliani - CBS News
Miss Rudy Giulani

Okay, I’m feeling better. Biden is leading, although the drip,drip,drip of the ballot counting is driving some of us to sip Vicks Formula 44.

Many of my non polictial friends are fixtated on cable news. A simple phone call begins with “Biden is up in Georgia by 1034 votes,how ya doin?” I’m fine “-I didn’t wake you did I?” Ahhhh in MY world its 307am! “I thought you were watching,Bye”

I will never be okay, in this new world we live in. I wont be okay, until he is sworn in and he and Jill are safely in the White House. I’m having mental flashbacks of Obama back in 09. Back then, I feared someone would take the new BLACK PRESIDENT out! I remember screaming at the TV, “Why are you walking?.

I can’t remember a time in my life when my country has been THIS divided. So I worry, will a derranged Trump supporter try to assinate Biden and the Black Asian Vice President?

The President being the President is suing everyone, Republicans, Democrats, and people who follow Cardi B on instrgram. Hoping something, anything will stick. He wasn’t concerned about the late count in 2015 or mail in ballots. Republicans like Chris Christie is urging the Prez, to present proof. (Chris, isn’t likely to get a Whitman’s Sampler from the Trumps this year)

However, there is some comfort to know that Miss or Mr Rudy Giulani may lead his defense in challenging the vote count in several states. There will be serveral vague statements about ballots from dead people, crossed out ballots,where Trump was replaced with Biden, and fraud everywhere! Supported by the Mainstream News including those turncoat bastards at FOX!

The Prez is Pissed!! Sening his leaving some of his staff is now calling him Donny! Not, the Supreme President of America! So he is playing Golf, and instead of keeping score, he is figuring out who he can fire this week.

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He won’t dance, don’t ask him.
He won’t dance, don’t ask him.
He won’t dance, Merci beaucoup.
His heart won’t let him do things he should do!