The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Goes Where No Housewives has gone before!

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Every TV genre eventually reaches is peak. Twenty years ago it was Talk Shows, a few years ago it was Judge Shows.

While low cost reality shows continue to be a staple on cable, alarm bells are going off over at Bravo. Ratings of the Housewives franchises is dropping. Cast members are being shuffled and fired.

Fourteen years ago, The Real Housewives of Orange County Premiered . Today, there are nearly 25 Housewives franchises worldwide including 10 in the US.

Anyone who has followed this blog through the years, knows we like reality TV. Especially the housewives, New York the gold standard of the franchise and ATLANTA!! A few years ago, we slowly stopped reviewing the shows. Yes there we liked the castmates but it became too predictable. Despite its popularity on this blog, it grew painful to watch and review.

The formula is the same city to city. Following the lives of seemingly wealthy, white or black women. With one small exception in Atlanta, segregation is the norm. The format has grown stale, the rating aren’t what they once were. This season we will see more color and younger cast members.

Enter Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City? Will we have to pray during the commercial breaks? Salt Lake?

Well my friends, instead of praying you may need to repent!! Cause there is SIN in Salt Lake!

You want black? They got black.? You want Jews?, They got Jews? You want Gays? They got Gays, yes, my brothers and my sisters in Salt Lake one so far! You want whites? Well this is Salt Lake City! You want Polynesian? Well, they think she’s Black. Do you want a woman, who married her grandmothers husband? Well, we got dat 2?

This is not the Housewives your used to seeing. The ladies, in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Orange County, Potomac, and other cities would NEVER have breakfast with their children at Taco Bell or any fast food restaurant they like, EVERY DAY!

You gotta a Mormon women, who can rap and dates black men. We learned about Mormonism in away that is uncomfortable but not insulting to the religion. (so far)

The Bio’s of each of these women is fascinating.

Bravo has something here that you wont find in any of its other franchises. (so far) I’m not sure if I will review Salt Lake this season. But If last night episode is indication of things to come. I will know where Ill be on Wednesday nights.


The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Wednesday, 9PM Bravo