The Supreme Court tells Donald Trump to “Hit da road Jack”

Donald Trump Offers Conservatives a Deal on Supreme Court | Time

Those of us who suffer from Trump Trama can finally go to sleep. The President’s allegations of fraud and skulduggery died today in the Court of Courts, the United States Supreme Court. The court, denied a request from Pennsylvania, Republicans to block certification of the commonwealth’s election results.

The Prez, was hoping his juditial appointiees along with the other conservative justices would vote to throw out those contested ballots in Pennsylvania. The entire court declined.

Just hours before the court’s order was released, Trump made a direct appeal to state officials and members of the Supreme Court to assist him in his efforts to subvert the will of voters. “Let’s see whether or not somebody has the courage, whether it’s legislators or legislatures or a justice of the Supreme Court or a number of justices of the Supreme Court,”  “Let’s see if they have the courage to do what everybody in this country knows is right.

Its not over, The Presdient is calling on all the Republcan legistlatures to overturn the votes or reject some ballots.

What’s left

  • December 8, 2020: Safe harbor deadline
  • Federal law sets what is called the safe harbor deadline. If states have nominated electors in accordance with state law by this date, Congress cannot challenge their nomination.
  • Other than Wisconsin — where a lawsuit from President Donald Trump and his campaign is pending — every state in the country appears to have met that deadline, which comes six days before members of the Electoral College meet to cast their votes.
  • The 538 members of the Electoral College cast their votes. Electors do not convene in one location but vote in their respective state capitals.[3] A record of the outcome is mailed to the Vice President, the Archivist of the United States, the state’s Secretary of State, and the U.S. District Court judge in the district where the vote took place.
  • December 23, 2020: Deadline for receipt of election results
  • If the Vice President does not receive the official record of a state’s Electoral College vote by this deadline, he or she must request the record from the relevant Secretary of State and U.S District Court judge.
  • January 6, 2021: Congress counts electoral votes
  • The newly elected Congress convenes in a joint session to count the electoral votes. Members of Congress can present objections to the results. If an objection is made in writing by both a member of the Senate and a member of the House, Congress will debate and vote on the objection’s merit. Electoral votes can be excluded only if both chambers vote to accept the objection. If a ticket receives 270 electoral votes, or a majority of the 538 members of the Electoral College, the Vice President formally declares the winner of the election.
  • January 20, 2021: Inauguration Day