How to make this Christmas THE WORST EVER!

Its sad but true, “Common Sense isn’t Common

There are people setting themselves up to have the worst Christmas ever.

  1. Social Media:  Over share much?  There are people who share and upload every second of their lives online.   Often to their detriment.   Pictures of your vacation while your on vacation can leave your home vulnerable to thieves.   Not only have you told them your gone, but you’ve told the world when your returning.   Can you really trust all of your 400 friends on Facebook and their friends ?    You can share your pictures online when your safely at home.   Tell a couple of trusted neighbors to watch your home.   Remove the gifts under the tree and place them in the laundry room or in the linen closet if there is room .                                                                                                                                                                                                               Yes, Matilda there are some of you who take pictures of the gifts you’ve bought in the store and post them online.   Or take picture of the gifts as you wrap them.                      Image result for not smart gif

Image result for do this

  Tear a piece of paper in half

That is how long it will take someone to break into your car. 

2. Christmas Shopping and cars: If your shopping in the mall, don’t put your packages in the car. (see above)  Put them in the trunk.  If you have a mini van or SUV without a cover.  Get a cart  or two or go home in unload. 


This break in took place in Atlanta. However, car break in’s take place in every city.  It doesn’t matter how upscale the neighborhood is.   Citizens leave their wallets under newspapers and purses in clear sight on the seat.

Image result for only a minute gif

They’re only gonna gone a minute.  Look at the  video, it didn’t take  a minute to break in the cars it took seconds.

Shopping Mall have security and hundreds of  sophisticated cameras, however, they can’t watch 5000 cars.  If you are a victim, there is less than a 5% chance you will recover your items. The shopping mall is not responsible if someone breaks into your car.

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2B. Baby its cold outside:  Thousands of Americans, warm up their cars leaving the keys inside the car as it warms up.   Others, leave their vehicle on while they go into the store leaving the door unlocked and completely unattended.

Few people know its against the law in most states to leave your car unattended with the keys inside.  Inside your car is your address, often a garage door opener, giving  thieves complete access to you home and possibility endangering  unsuspecting  occupants.  Many newer cars have a key fob that doesn’t require a key to be in the ignition to run.   If you car is less than ten years old, an aftermarket device can be installed that will allow your car to operate without the key.   Don’t leave your car with the keys inside, alone with your small children even for a minute.


2.Hotel/Motels  If you are driving a long distance to Grandma’s house and your going to stay over night at a hotel/motel. You might consider investing in a strong black garbage bag and placing your contents in the bag, no one can see inside.   After checking into your room, unload everything (leave the gifts in the black garbage bag)    Unload everything and take all your gifts and valuables to your room.

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Hotels/Motels are magnets for thieves.   No neighborhood is exempt. Yes, its inconvenient, so is losing hundred of dollars of gifts..  Like the shopping Mall, the hotel is not responsible for your belongings .

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3. Cash and Credit:  If your in the habit carrying a lot of cash.   Before you pay for your items.  Estimate how much cash you need plus an additional $40-50 dollars.  Find a section of the store where you can discreetly separate your money and pay for your items with that cash. .  Large amounts of cash may generate the wrong attention.  ATM’s  I tend to avoid them, unless they are in a store.  People assume others inline or sitting in there cars are there to use the machines (not always)  Today, you can buy some mints in a supermarket and withdraw cash without an ATM fee in a relatively safe environment.

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Handle your business! Once you get your cash, put it away!

Don’t become the next victim.  Once you receive your change or money from the ATM. Put it away immediately  Put it away!  I’ve seen people walk down the street, telegraphing to everyone …money, money money.

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What is a skimmer? A skimmer is a device that thieves attach to an ATM or a payment machine (at gas stations)  to trick people who are swiping their credit cards or debit cards.

    Image result for gas station skimmer


Often, if the target is debit cards, the skimming device is set up on the ATM, along with a nearby camera or person watching you enter your PIN.