Desperate Hours

Trump tweets report of imposing 'martial law' is 'fake news'

It’s not about the presidency. It’s not about his base. It’s about his future and the realization that only four more years as president can protect him and his family from possible prosecution as the statute of limitations might protect him.

Welcome Back, The Asylum is open

As the President’s advisors are hoping for a graceful transition next month. The President has open the door to current and former members of the Rigged Election Asylum. On Friday, there was an heated meeting in the Oval Office with Asylum members on on side and The chief of staff Mark Meadows and White House counsel Pat Cipollon on the other.

In this meeting, was the former United States National Security Advisor, retired General Michael Flynn who was recently pardoned by the President after admitting lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russia.

In recent days, Flynn has suggested Trump to declare marshall law and “temporarily suspend the Constitution” until a new election is held. “If the president doesn’t declare marshall law, the statement retweeted by Flynn warns, “we will also have no other choice but to take matters into our own hands and defend our rights on our own.”

Also in Friday’s meeting was Trumps former legal attorney Sidney Powell.

On the 22nd of November, Powell was booted by Rudy Giuliani. Last month, Powell said, she had proof that voting software was created at the direction of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez that votes for Trump were switched to Biden. She also had evidence Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp and the state’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger were on the take. A pay for play involving the Dominion Voting Systems. She has been promoting an executive order allowing the federal government to seize voting machines in order to inspect them for fraud.

Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne said, he was in the meeting. “The President was being terribly served by his advisers. They want him to lose and are lying to him.” He is surrounding by mendacious mediocrities,” Byrne wrote, adding later: “For the first time in my life I feel sorry for Donald Trump. He is standing up to his waist in snakes. Trust Rudy and Sidney only.” He said last month Byrne said he’d “funded a team of hackers and cyber-sleuths, other people with odd skills” to look into the claims.

Steve Bannon: The Presidents former, Chief Strategist and Senior Counselor. Advised the president to appoint special counsels to investigation allegations of election fraud and matters relating to Hunter Biden.

“He is not going to back down. He will never concede. And I will tell you in the small chance we don’t win this, he will never sit on that stage and participate in that inauguration, as he should not. This is an illegal effort that’s going on,” Bannon said.

Outside the Asylum

On Monday, William Barr the current Attorney General said, he stands by the finding that there was no systemic or broad-based fraud. “I see no basis for seizure of machines by the federal government,” He went on to say, If he thought there was a need for a special counsel on voting fraud, Barr said, he would have already appointed one.

One of the President’s strongest supporters, Televangelist Pat Robertson said that the President is living in an “alternate reality” and should “move on” from his 2020 election loss.”With all his talent, and the ability to raise money and draw large crowds, the President still lives in an alternate reality,” Robertson said Monday on ‘ “The 700 Club””He really does. People say, ‘Well he lies about this, that and the other.’ But he isn’t lying. To him, that’s the truth.

Dropkicked: Mitch McConnell and the Republicans

Lose-lose for McConnell as Trump, Dems support $2,000 stimulus checks -  Business Insider

An early Christmas Gift for Pelosi and the Democrats?

A Mega embarrassement for the Republicans

A cloud over the Georgia Senate Runoff Election?

For month’s, the nation has been waiting for another Covid-19 stimulus package. Pelosi and McConnell have been at odds on which programs would be funded, Pelosi insisted any package must include boosts to unemployment and an additional round of larger stimulus checks.

They worked through the weekend, with Mitch McConnell threatening no Christmas without a relief package. Through the weekend, there was a rumor the two parties were close and an agreement is near. On Monday, the rumors were true, there was an agreement, a boost of $300 for unemployment and a stimulus check for $600 awaiting the Presidents signature.

President Trump, has been missing in action for weeks,and before the ink was dry on the spanking brand new stimulus program. He went on Twitter last night and said “I am asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000, or $4,000 for a couple,”

The current bill is veto proof, the President cannot veto the bill and cannot increase the amount of the check. However, he can refuse to sign the bill and allow it to die.

Republicans repeatedly refused to say what amount the President wanted for direct checks. At last, the President has agreed to $2,000 — Democrats are ready to bring this to the Floor this week by unanimous consent. Let’s do it!-Nancy Pelosi

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted that “We spent months trying to secure $2000 checks but Republicans blocked it.

This tweet, undermines Mitch McConnell and the Republicans and puts them in a lose, lose position and possibly costing McConnell position as speaker.

Georgia senatorial candidate Jon Ossoff’ immediately came out in support of the Presidents call for $2,000 checks to be sent to Americans as part of a coronavirus relief package. He was joined by the other Democratic senatorial candidate Raphael Warnock.

“$2,000 checks now,” Ossoff tweeted after Trump blasted a $900 billion stimulus package that included $600 checks for some “$600 is a joke. Families have credit cards maxed out, unable to afford prescriptions, the rent, the car payment,” he added on CNN. “I urged the United States Congress to pass additional direct stimulus payments of $2,000 to every American right now.

In a statement ,Warnock pressed Loeffler, whom he’s challenging in Georgia’s second Senate runoff, to come out in support of boosted stimulus checks

Senatorial candidate, Kelly Loeffler has called the Democrats coronavirus stimulus package a wasteful blue state bailout designed to advance Nancy Pelosi’s radical liberal agenda.

Last May, When David Perdue was asked by the Marietta Daily Journal about individuals who have not lost work receiving $1,200 payments, he said he “personally opposed it.” In July, Perdue said in an interview with “PBS News Hour” that he preferred a payroll tax cut to direct payments.

The Georgia Election could be determined Tomorrow

Mitch McConnell in Bomb Shelter?

Georgia’s runoff election is less than two weeks away. The Democrats are planning a stand alone bill for $2,000 direct payments on Thursday. If the Democrats forces a vote. Georgia Senators, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue will have to abandon their positions on the stimulus programs and vote with the Democrats and the President or vote against the President possibility alienating his loyal base.

Any moment now. the members of the Asylum will outnumber advisors in the Oval Office. The President is unhinged, threatening to veto key bills or shut down the government These are desperate hours for our President ,who will needs millions to defend himself once he becomes Donald Citizen Trump.

Mitch McConnell hasn’t commented. His President has turned on his own party and he is being encouraged to fight to the end. He has awarded those he believed was loyal to him and has plans for those he believe wasn’t loyal. McConnell has called Joe Biden the President Elect. and has agreed to work with him. Should the Republicans consider the twenty fifth Amendment ?