Ford shading Tesla

Mustang Mach E
Ford’s Mustang Mach-E. 

When anyone thinks electric cars, Tesla is ususually the first car mentioned. Tesla is massive, it is the highest valued automaker in the world. Last summer Tesla over took Toyota in valuation.

Tesla’s electric engines are efficent, their cars are fast and fun to drive. The electronics in Tesla’s is currently like no other vehicle on the plant. Like your phone or your PC, Tesla’s receives electronics updates. Tesla’s battery range is superior to every electric car on the market. ( meaning you can driver further in a Tesla on a single charge than any electric car in the world, )

Tesla’s negitivives are plenty. While Tesla has the expertise in building electric motors and batteries. The dont have the experenice of building high volume vehicles. Unlike Chevy and the established automakers. Tesla has a poor dealer network and there are fewer places to repair Tesla’s.

When it comes to fit and finish, Tesla’s brings up the rear, Tesla cant hold a candle to the electric Hyundai’s Audi’s, Jaguars and even the Chevy Bolt.

When the Model 3, were coming to market, social media suggesting, Tesla was assembling the cars with duct tape and other rudimentary techniques used to bring to early Model 3’s to market.

The new Mustang Mach E, Ford Motor Company’s, first mass market electric vehicles are slowly hitting dealerships.

Ford Being a little Shady?

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Darren Palmer is Ford’s Global Product Development Director for battery electric vehicles. Palmer, spoke to Autoblog about the Mustang Mach E , he threw a little shade, touting Ford’s century of manufacturing experience.

“The doors fit properly, the plastics and other materials color-match, the bumpers don’t fall off, the roof doesn’t come off when you wash it, the door handles don’t get stuck in cold weather.

He was alluding to Tesla’s welldocumented quality issues of years past. In two instances, owners of Model Y vehicles have said the roofs blew clear off their cars. And in November, Tesla recalled nearly 10,000 Model X vehicles over a roof-trim issue.

ooh the shade…….