Joe Exotic’ not granted presidential pardon

Tiger King Joe Exotic fails to nab Trump pardon - CNET

President Donald Trump issued pardons for numerous people on his last day in office; however, the list does not include the Oklahoma man known to many as “Joe Exotic.”Advertisement

Joseph Maldonado-Passage was convicted and sentenced to 22 years in prison for a murder-for-hire plot and for violating wildlife laws. The leader of Maldonado-Passage’s legal team told sister station KOCO on Monday that they were extremely confident about getting a presidential pardon sometime Tuesday and that the Netflix sensation remains positive.

They also had a limo ready to pick up Maldonado-Passage from the prison he’s at in Fort Worth, Texas, and take him to a secure location.

President Trump pardoned former chief strategist Steve Bannon as part of a flurry of clemency action in the final hours of his White House term that benefited more than 140 people, including rap performers, ex-members of Congress and other allies of him and his family.