FINDING GENESIS MOTORS When rave reviews aren’t enough

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2021 Genesis G70

Finding Genesis

Genesis Motors,the luxury division of Hyundai is on fire. The South Korean automaker is known for building quality vechicles with the longest warrenty in the industry. Their vechicles have garnered many rave reviews and awards. But few Americans know about the company or where to find a dealership.

In 2014, Genesis Motors was introduced without any stand alone dealerships. For many customers purchasing a luxury vechicle, the dealership is part of the experience. Consumer feedback indicates such facilities can indeed drive higher satisfaction.

Customers value a superior customer experience. Luxury brands may more frequently offer premium services such as loaner vehicles, upgraded amenities, and services such as valet pick up and drop off.

Most Genesis’s are sold at Hyundai dealerships. Imagine, buying a Rolex or an Louis Vuitton bag online and being told to go to the nearest Wal Mart.

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A Forty Thousnd Dollar Genesis next to an Twenty Three Thousnd Hyundai

Genesis has a Concierge service where one can purchase the car online and the car would be delivered directly to you. The Concierege service will pick up your car and leave a loaner should your car needs servicing. However, should your emergency warrent you taking your car directly to a service department, you only option is taking your sixty thousand dollar Genesis to a Hyundai dealership.

While Internet shopping is becoming the norm, it cant replace the touch or the smell, touch or experience of buying car. Even the best brouchere or video cant tell how a prospective will feel or fit in a vechicle. Without a brick and morter dealership, the Company loses the ability to upsell or crossshop.


In 2009, Hyundai Genesis was Hyundai’s first luxury car sold in the United States.

Unlike, Lexus and Infinity, Genesis wasn’t mearly a rebadged Toyota Camry or Nissan Maxima. The Genesis was engineered from the ground up as a luxury vechicle, the rear wheel drive car shared few parts with Hyundai and offered an 5.0 V8. said, “With badges removed, the Genesis could easily pass as a Lexus or Mercedes-Benz, although we doubt many brand-conscious people would give a Hyundai a second glance .

In its first year the Genesis won several awards, including the North American Car of the year. Consumer Reports said the 2009 Genesis was it’s Top Rated Upscale sedan.

In 2014, Genesis Motors was introduced without a stand alone dealership. The second generation Hyundai Genesis was rebaged, the G80. This car was sold in Hyundai Dealerships. In 2017, it was followed by the flagship G90. The G90 is Genesis full sized luxury car. Similar to the Mercedes Benz S Class and the BMW 7 Series. The G90 was only available online or through a few stand alone Genesis dealerships. Sales of the G90 was dismal ,selling fewer than three thousand cars in the US and Canada in 2019.

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In 2018, the 2019 compact G70 was introduced . The G70 was designed by Audi’s former designer Peter Schmeyer. The G70 won several Car of the Year awards including Motor Trends Car of the Year, the 2019 North American Car of the Year. Like the G80, the $35,000 G70 was sold on the same floor as the Hyundai Elantra.

2021, Genesis introduced three new models. An all new midsize G80 sedan. The GV80 SUV and GV70 a compact luxury SUV (in dealerships this summer)

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Genesis GV70

The GV80 is a hit, the SUV has received rave reviews from CNET, to Forbes. Car and Driver didn’t compare it with Mercedes, Audi or BMW they compared to the $200k Bentley and the GV80 is currently on their 10 Best List for 2021.

Hyundai dealers have resisted opening stand alone Genesis Dealerships. To build a stand alone Dealership could cost dealers millions in a Covid economy. That’s a large investment for a division that sold less than 22,000 cars in the US last year..

2021 Genesis GV80 for sale at Terry Lee Hyundai in Noblesville IN
Genesis Dealership in Nobleville Indiana

Last fall,Genesis said they were bringing two Electric SUV’s to market in 2021. The billion dollar question? Will there be a Genesis Dealership near you?