Wal Mart: Push a Button and Wait

Walmart Supercenter - West Sacramento, CA - WAL*MART Stores on  Waymarking.com
Wal Mart Supercenter, West Sacramento, Ca

When I’m looking for the the ultimate customer experiece,Wal Mart doesn’t come to mind. Like billions of shoppers on the planet, it’s promise of low prices.

I spend nearly $2500 a year at the West Sacramento, Wal Mart. The average family spends more than $5100 a year at a Wal Mart. Most of MY dollars is spent in the food section, for basics. For meats and speciality items, I choose stores like Nugget and Bel Air.

Occasionally, I venture beyond the food department at the West Sacramento store to pick up other household items.

In 2019, I visited to beauty section of the store, to buy a two dollar jar of cocoa butter and discovered it was moved into a locked case with other ethnic beauty products. Customers needed to push a button and wait for a Wal Mart Associate to unlook the plastic case. THEN, the associtate had to walk my small jar to the beauty section register, where the I had to pay for the item. On the next aisle there were pricey boxes of hair color readily available. I was insulted! Black and Latino, Wal Mart shoppers spend nearly, 6 with a “B” Billion dollars at US Wal Marts annually.

Was this form of discrimination limited to the West Sacramento Wal Mart?

No, the company received complaints at Wal Mart throughout the US.


At Target, that same jar, was readily available on the shelf. So, I voted with my feet and chose Target over Wal Mart. Last year, most Wal Mart’s returned ethinic products to the shelves.

Yesterday,as I walked around the West Sac store, I discovered more cases throughout the store. Mens socks, Fruit of the Loom, underware, inexpensive Jewely are just some of the items now under lock and key. Press a button and wait.

Perhaps, the decision makers at Wal Mart believe shoppers dont mind being inconvenienced.

However, if waiting isn’t your thing. Men’s underware and other items are immediatly available at Macy’s , Burlingtons, Target, JC Penney’s, Sears, Nordstrom and other retailers.

I can’t imagine there is a huge demand for XXXXXXXL Fruit of the Loom Boxer Briefs.

What if I was one ‘X’ short?

I wont be pressing a button at Wal Mart or any retailer.