Marjorie Laser Beam Gets a Standing Ovation

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Former President Donald J Trump is a showman.  He could eat a booger and his loyal fans would leap to their feet.  Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t a showman, she offends most Republican’s at a time when many Republicans are running toward the exits. Thirty Thousand left the party last month. The Trump endorsed, Capitol insurrection was too much.

Death to the Democrats! A bullet in the head of Nancy Pelosi! Greene’s extremist sins are many.  The press is intimidating to the fresh Congresswoman from Georgia’s 14th District where she received seventy five percent of the vote. Her memory is shaky, words taken out of context.

Before the meeting with the Republicans the Congresswoman spoke to God or Donald Trump who gave her the big thumbs up.

Last night, she found Jesus and her memory returned.  She apolgized and repented her sins in private, and is no longer the women she once was and the House Republicans gave her an standing ovation.  She’s a good girl now!

If I were a Democrat. I would leave her intact. Yes, I find her offensive, her racist, controversial positions has no place in politics. However, nearly two hundred and thirty thousands Georgians elected her.

Like a foul mouth child who lives two doors down.  She is the Republicans problem.  The neighbors or the Democrats should stand down. 

With more than 400 members, issues in the House unlike the Senate, are rarely one vote issues.  Her impact is minimal. Yes, she might be disruptive, but that’s politics.

It’s unfortunate, but the Republicans Party is bankrupt. The predictions that Donald J Trump would destroy the party has come true. Corporations have closed their wallets. Urban Conservatives, Educated white voters in the suburbs can’t stomach what their party has become.

While Trump’s base has become much smaller and his bullhorn has been taken away. Many Republicans fear him. While the vast majority do not embrace the conspiracies in the party they don’t want to alienate a potential vote.

Marjorie Taylor Green is a pariah, an embarrassment to the party. Yet, until there a true leader emerges in the party, Green has a seat at the table and if I were a Democrat I would quietly celebrate. She has quickly become a polarizing figure and the Democrats would be wise to keep her front and center as the face of the Republican Party. This could benifit the party and possibly help them to keep control of the House and possibly a clear majority of the Senate. Marjorie Laser Beam would be front and center of all things wrong with the Republican Party. Where are the “Marjorie Laser Beam” T-shirts?




  1. The Republican party as we used to know it, is done for! They are a disgrace to Democracy, a disgrace to the voters who elected them. They need to have a meeting, decide what they stand for moving forward and start again. Or perhaps they could join some sort of knitting club or scrap-booking event. Right now they present themselves as hapless morons incapable of taking a pee by themselves.


  2. No question. She’s a complete nut job. If the Republicans start to take her word over some more stable voices, they’re in serious trouble. And if the likes of her start getting elected more and more, we’re all in trouble. Nice piece, btw.


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