Love is in the air (fryer): Woman stages romantic photo shoot with favorite appliance

Terri Peters/Today-NBC  

Love is in the air (fryer): Woman stages romantic photo shoot with favorite appliance. From squash to New York strip steaks, Adrian Birdsong has made all sorts of things in her air fryer.a woman wearing a costume

But the latest thing the Tulsa, Oklahoma wedding photographer has cooked up with her favorite appliance is a romantic photo shoot — and, naturally, it’s gone viral.

In a Facebook post that’s been shared over 17,000 times since Jan. 24, Birdsong poses in a series of images with the Farberware air fryer, saying, “Sometimes you fall in love so quickly, you can’t stop it. This isn’t just an air fryer, it’s the love of my life.”

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Birdsong, whose husband, Kyle Hutchinson took the photos, also quotes lyrics from Taylor Swift’s song “Sparks Fly” in the post: “I’m captivated by you baby, like a firework show.”

Birdsong says she was captivated by the air fryer immediately, though it was intended to be a Christmas gift for her husband from her mom.

“I took it over,” she told TODAY Food. “I started using it and it was so fast. I’m an impatient cook, so I like that I could get things cooked so quickly.”

The creative home cook was struck with the idea to take photos with her air fryer while showering, and knew it was meant to be when her husband, who photographs snakes as a hobby, had the same idea.

“When I got out of the shower, literally the first thing my husband said to me was that it would be funny to do a shoot with the air fryer,” she said. “We were dying over how ridiculous it is that we both thought of it.”

Birdsong says she thinks most adults have a favorite appliance or two lying around their kitchen, which is what makes her posts about her air fryer so relatable.

“Anyone who cooks has an appliance, pan, dish or utensil they love the most,” she said. “I also have an Instant Pot that I obviously love and my espresso maker is hooked up to an Alexa-enabled plugin for efficiency.

“I think a lot people see the air fryer excitement as a source of funny adult relatability, so they loved it.”