Its Time To Move On

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The January 6, attack on the US Capitol is one of the darkest days in our history. The Forty Fifth President of the United States directed. his supporters to create mayhem. The Commander and Chief watched and celebrated the disorder that was talking place minutes away, on the Cable News Networks in the White House.

After telling his invited guest to go home, he told them they were VERY SPECIAL and HE LOVED THEM as if the riot was the end of a Cocktail Party.

The Democrats did a masterful job during the second impeachment trial. It was chilling to see Mitt Romney running, and our Vice President and his family being rushed and protected from the angry crowd wanting his head.

Trumps crimes are memorialized on audio and video and yet the trial was a foregone conclusion. Many members of his party, despise him and fear him. As in life, the truly brave are few. Mitch McConnell on two occasions, publicly disagreed with the President and yet end of the day would not vote against him.

So its time to move on. Our hospitals are full, our economy is ailing and there is a new Administration in place.

It was predicted, 45 would destroy his party. More than 160,000 Republicans left the party last month. Many of his supporters who were apart of the attack on the Capitol are disappointed, they believed he would protect them as they now face serious criminal charges.

Forty Five’s life beyond the White House ,will be filled with meeting with his Attorneys where audio recordings and videos will play a important role in each trial. So lets move on and rebuild our country.