Housewives of Color? its about time!

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2021 Cast of The Real Housewifes of Dallas

After years and years of watching variations of the same formula in different cities, the Real Housewives franchise has grown stale. Rich white women with nothing to do other than scream at each other or nearly rich black women with little to do, yelling at each other.


Through the years, I have reviewed many of the housewives franchises, with my favorite being New York.  Unlike the other franchises, the women of New York  actually work, they have sucessful businesses.  Their fights don’t last five episodes, and their lives don’t revolve around Birkin Bags, Designer Labels and cars. However, missing in these cities are women of color. The majority of the population of New York are people of color.   In New York, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, Dallas, Potomac, communities with a diverse population, the cast members are either black or white.  

One of the most intriguing aspects of  MTV’s “The Real World” was the gathering of different people ,from different background, religions, polictical belifes and put them together in one household.  Yes, there was screaming, disagreements, that’s the foundation of reality tv.  However, amidst all the drama, the viewer learned something new, about a culture, a religion.

Last year, a Latina was added to the Dallas cast, this year an Asian.  Last season, Leeanne Locken a very popular cast member said her Latina cast members. ” That fucking cunt wants to prove how fucking tough she is because she’s from Mexico” Later in the season there were other “Mexican” comments. Later, in the season she apologized and tried to walk the comments back with the classic “I have Mexican friends”  Locken and Bravo denies she was fired.  I hope not, I am of the opinion these momentarily racist outbursts should be filmed and the audience would be better served if we saw a natural conclusion. As we would in life.

 This season, one of the Dallas members was force to face a racist post about Asians.  Her Asian cast members shared her background. It was a very emotional scene. Her white castmate learned why the exaggerated Asian post was hurtful. This explanation has resulted in the beginning of a good friendship between the two women. This, in my opinion is better than any documentry or special on race.

Meanwhile, last season The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, added a black woman.  

Expectations were low for New York, after Bethenny Frankel’s last minute departure.  Enter, 38 year old Leah Mcsweeny, who owns a streetware company callled “Married To The Mob”  unlike the other cast members, her friends reflect the city and this season her friend Eboni Williams will join the cast. 

The ratings increased for both franchises.  Beverly Hills replaced Atlanta as Bravo’s highest rated franchise.

See what a little color will do?




    1. Collectively about 100 million people worldwide. There is a Housewife franchise is 17 countries. There are hundreds of You Tube channel devoted to the housewives. It’s much cheaper to produce than scripted tv. Thanks for stopping by.

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      1. No, I realized, even when I said it, that these shows are popular. I remember ads for them when I’d watch re-runs on USA. To my mind, these (and other “reality” shows) just illuminate the dumbing down of humanity.


  1. I have been missing you on the Podcast, its not the same without you, they are so serious. Last month I called in and asked where you were and Reed got a little salty. I hope you come back or start your own podcast cause you were really funny. CityFella, huh Lol


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