Vaccinate before opening,Teachers First!

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For many years my wife and I volunteered to help at our childrens school. We assisted in the class rooms and where ever needed in the school.

We’ve seen the good and the bad. Misbehaving children, interfering with your childs ability the learn that day . We have heard parnets assigning blame, insisting part the teachers duties is rearing their children.

I’ve seen good teachers inspire, bad teachers who just didn’t care and didn’t want parents or witnesses in their class rooms. Overwhelmed and underfunded teachers, who dug in their pockets to insure students had paper, pencils and crayons before their students arrived to class.

Teachers are often nurses, counselors, sometimes referees and every morning they are there to greet our children.

We’ve also witnessed parents dropping off their visibly sick children with runny noses, fevers at school as they leave for their work day. Infecting, teachers, students and their familes.

Teachers are first responders, we intrust our children with them. Teachers also have families and people who love them. I have a great admiration of public school teachers. At the very minimum ,teachers should be vaccinated before returning to class.