He beat her down because she brought home a Quarter Pounder instead of a Big Mac

What is it about human behavior, that causes a mental switch to be tripped over something so trivial like a candy bar, kool aid, a pork chop or in this short story, a McDonalds burger?

Sunday night ,Mohamed Aboubaker from Minneapolis was visiting his son’s mother. Returning from McDonalds, Aboubaker became upset when he discovered she mistakenly ordered “Quarter Pounder” instead of a “Big Mac”

During an arguement. 39 year old Aboubaker, allegedly through her to the ground in front of their three year old son. He then went into the kitchen and removed money from her purse. She sprayed him in the face with Hornet spray.

Blue Earth County, Minnesota 911 received mulitiple calls, they could hear a child screaming in the background.

He fled the home, but was arrested and was charged for a pair of misdemeanor domestic assault counts.

This is not his first experience with the law, he has been convicted for aggravated robbery; receiving stolen property; domestic assault; disorderly conduct, driving with a suspended license; marijuana possession; and providing a false name to law enforcement and now he’s facing jail time over a “Big Mac”

Through the years, I have followed stories where people have gone to jail, for pulling someone through a fast food window because she received cold fries. A man pulled out a gun, because Popeyes ran out of chicken sandwiches. Attacked someone over because someone forgot to add cheese to their sandwich.

The perperator often receives REAL JAIL TIME, resulting in lost jobs, homes and cars. THEN having to pay LARGE FINES on top of that which is several hundred times more than the slice of cheese or ice in their soda. Let’s hope he ate the Quarter Pounder before entering jail. Its has more protein than the single slice bologna sandwiches jails often serve.

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