It’s stupid, makes no sense, could take you to Hell!

If you follow this blog, you know I love electric cars. They are fast, cost less to operate than your typical gas powered car. Most of all they are cleaner, I want to leave the world a better place for my children and future grand children. Having said ALL that, every time I hear the engine in this car, the teenager in me comes out and I say to myself, I WANT ONE!!! Someone over at Chrysler, lost their complete minds! This engine makes no sense in the world we are living. From General Motors, Mercedes, BMW, Ford, no one is building V8 engines anymore, they gulp gas at a time when gas is expensive and they pollute. But the warped minds at Chrysler, kicked it up a notch, not only did they build a V8! They built a HUGE V8 (and then someone did a line) and added a supercharger to it. In a world where BMW and Mercedes are building cars with small turbocharged four cylinder engines. The wacked out folks over at Chrysler built a ridiculous car that can melt different, in seconds and the world is a better place for it. SIN IS CONTAGIOS! Now and then we need a bit of outragouness in our lives.  Sure we can get by with the basics, and its fine. You can gamble in nearly every state, but few places on the planet can match the experiece of Las Vegas.  The “Hellcat” is that kinda car.  Ford, Chevy and others have recently built  cars with similar horsepower, they handle better and more refined than the Dodges. But the experience is different than the eleven mile a gallon city, Dodge Charger.  The “Hellcat” are very popular in the Middle East and their are videos of them in Russia. If your a car person, you know about the “Hellcat” and its 707 horsepower engine. You know, that its rear suspension is from an even older Mercedes E class (Yes. Mercedes Benz once owned Chrysler). You know, that the whacked out people at Chrysler, dropped it into are cars has been on the market for more the 10 years and you know it is the fastest production car om the planet with a top speed of over 200 miles. The people at Chrysler, then FCA and now Stellantis, increased the horsepower to over 800 on the some of the models. This car has the ability to turn full grown men into hyper giddy children. I have been in a Tesla, that can out run this car from hell. The whirr was fun, but its NOT a beefy V8, there is no mean and nasty exhaust! That can harden my nipples like this BEAST of this car! Again, the Hellcat car is wrong for the times!   You don’t have to go to help, you have options.    You can get by and have fun in one of the six cylinder variants of the Dodge Challenger or Charger that you find at Hertz and other rent-a-car companies.  They have nearly 300 ponies that can get you and overnight stay at a local jail.  More?   You have the choice of two other hemi V8’s 375 and 450 horsepower, which is still more than most of the competition.  However the 18 year old in me says ” Fuck NO!” gimmie the “Hellcat”!  I need it!  Like the excess that is Vegas, it doesn’t have to make sense. I need 800 ponies to buy milk!  Need 800, for the parking lot a McDonald’s.  Need 800 ponies just cuz!    If I owned this car, it would be on the down low. During the week, I would be the mild mannered owner of an electric Chevy Bolt, saving the planet. Waving,smiling at the townfolk as I drive by. On the weekends, I would drive my Bolt to a storage facility at the edge of town and put on my Party City Natural Styled wig and become Johnny “Hellcat” Charger, looking for owners of expensive imported cars to humiliate!   Then I’d pray for my mischievous soul.  The Challenger/Charger in its current iteration has been around for nearly 15 years. Dodge is tweaked the car every year, and they have improved the fit and finish. Despite its age, there is a strong demand for these vehicles. Together, they outsell the newer Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro combined. The “Hellcat” has the unique ability to turn grown men into children. Sam Haymart, the host of “Test Driven TV” is normally very serious when he evaluates cars. Watch him here. “Enjoy”