Matt Gaetz,3rd Class Jerk

Sex trafficking probe of Rep. Matt Gaetz emerges from Joel Greenberg  prosecution: report - Orlando Sentinel
Matt Gaetz-Roger Stone- Joel Greenberg

38 year old Matthew Louis Gaetz II is a Florida Congressman representing Florida’s first District located on the western side of the state in the Floridabama corridor. His wealthy father reportedly bankrolled the election. During his campaign, Gaetz received almost $480,000 in contributions, about five times more than anyone else in the field.

Gaetz is best known for being one of Trump’s bone carriers and one of his most enthuastic supporters. The Republican congressman did the unthinkable when he campained against Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney in her own state for supporting Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Trouble with a capital G

Matt Gaetz demeanor is more frat house than distingished Congressman, engaging in twitter wars with celebrities and sending incendiary tweets a la Trump.

In resent hours, we’ve learned he often bragged about his sexual escapades to his congressional colleagues. On the house floor, he proudly displayed inages of nude women on his phone. Shared pictures and videos of nude women he said he slept with.

On Tuesday, the New York Times revealed that the Department of Justice is actively probling whether Matt Gaetz had sex with a 17-year-old girl and paid her to travel with him across state lines. Gaetz has denied the allegations “in the strongest possible terms.” There has been an ongoing investiagtion for some time by The Department of Justice, taking place during the Trump Admistration under the watchful eye of the former Attorney General William Barr.

Gaetz associate, Former Florida, Seminole County Tax Collector Joel Greenberg is suspected of using his position to engage in, and facilitate, the commission of federal offenses, including sex trafficking of a child, illegally obtaining personal information from a motor vehicle record … illegally producing identification and false identification documents, aggravated identity theft, wire fraud and money laundering.

While they haven’t charged Gaetz, they have found,receipts from CashApp and Apple Pay that the Times reviewed reportedly showed payments from Gaetz to one of the women, who told pals the money was in exchange for sex. The sex trafficking charge against Greenberg allegedly involved the same teenager, two people briefed on the investigation told the newspaper.

Greenberg has pleaded not guilty to the trafficking, stalking and identity fraud charges, and he is scheduled to be arraigned on the wire fraud and money laundering charges next week.

Matt, what about your friends?

While, he has gone on cable news and talked about an extortion plot. His colleagues aren’t rallying around the Congressman. Minority House leader Kevin McCarthy didn’t seem warm and fuzzy when he said, “If a member at my conference gets indicted, they will get removed from a committee”

Campaigning against Liz Cheney hasn’t won him any friends. One former Trump campaign aide, who said Gaetz seems more interested in generating social media buzz than advancing conservative issues, said he frequently winced when the former president praised Gaetz.

He seems to have two strong allies in Georgia’s Marjorie Taylor Green and Ohio’s Jim Jordan.

Perhaps he’s been reading tea leaves. Without Trump, he is on an island and he doesn’t have much of a future with the GOP. News of his antics on the House floor wont play well in his conservative district, so he is hoping for a future on conservative TV. After his appearence on the Tucker Carlson show, the window is closed at Fox.

Right now, he needs to lawyer up, perhaps he watched Donald Trump to closely. Every word he utters will be used against him. Its just a matter of time.