The food took too long so she pulled out a gun

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Burger King Winchester Road, Memphis Tennessee 3/30/21

A customer waiting in the Burger King drive thru, left her car and walked up to the window and started yelling at the the employee. Her food was taking much too long and she was NOT HAPPY! (not happy at tall)

Perhaps she wanted to motivate the BK employees OR just to let them know, she’s not the one to be played with!

Burger King surveillance video showed the woman pull out a black handgun from her car, lean into the drive-thru window and opened fire.

The gun WAS motivation to the BK employees . There is something about a customer with a gun that sends people running. As a result, no one at THAT BK restaurant was hurt as the back door, can be your best friend.

Burger King Shooting Suspect Car Police said this is the car a woman took off in after firing shots into a Memphis Burger King. (Memphis Police Department)

Burger King Memphis Shooting Picture If you know this woman, Memphis Police want you to call them at 901-528-CASH. (Memphis Police Department)




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