The Man From South Carolina

South Carolina Map - Guide of the World

In his late sixties, he’s admittedly stuck in his ways.  He’s been in Sactown for four days working on a construction project.  He say’s he kinda likes Sacramento. Ya’ll got a lot homeless people here, I wonder why California don’t do more to help them”

He hates wearing masks and is convinced China passed the Corona Virus on to us. He complains that on each leg of his flight on American was full and he may consider Delta as they are leaving the center seat open until May first.

He has six Colon Cancer operations. He pulls up his shirt, to show his various scars. After the last operation, his doctor told him he had another year and until his next check up and so far he has been here three years. He says he couldn’t stay home any more and jumped at the chance when this job came up in Sacramento.

President Biden is responsible for the hike in gas prices for shutting down the “Keystone pipline”. A generation X’er in ear shot, corrected him as she lives in North Dakota. In detail, she explanied the Keystone pipeline is not in operation and that oil prices normally goes up in the spring. He wasn’t reseptive to the news, his face grew tighter and tighter as she spoke. His nose nearly disappeared into his chin during her explanation and after she finished ,he said well “Biden is going to mess up this country”!

Married several times, he left his last wife, after her job transferred her to the extreme winter cold of Minnesota. “It was too cold so I left her and those dammed dogs”

With glee in his voice, it was important to tell me, “everyone is leaving Cailfornia for Florida and Texas”. “TESLA!! is leaving so is every other company”! I agreed and said yes they seem to be moving to Austin. I love Austin, it reminds me of San Francisco. ” I hate Austin and that liberal San Francisco, he angrliy puffed”.

“He is convienced, the last two gerations aren’t worth shit!” “They don’t know nothing and none of them can keep a job” He says he struggles , turning the phone on” I told him, ” I rely on the patience of the younger generation to help me navigate with the new technologies.. I believe these kids are on to something, in the last twenty years the world has been moving at a rapid clip, I like how they can quickly asorb new things. “Well ask one of them to make change” he said.

Trying to avoid poltics. The one thing we could totally agree on is the twist and turns of being older men . Peeing, eating and the aches and pains that comes with being older. After 30, minutes he was on route to Las Vegas. Gotta go now, “Sacramento is an okay town, that would be better if it wasn’t in California”.