No, Don’t have a nice day!

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In a loud voice he called her a fat wrinkly old lady! A stupid Bitch, and a person with such a low IQ that the only thing she could be in life was a supermarket checker!

Her customer was tall and in his thirties.

He picked up the wrong item. The item he picked up wasn’t on sale! He insisted the woman charge him the sale price for the wrong item. She offered to have someone bring the correct item but, he insisted she give him the sale price on the wrong item !

When she refused, the verbal attack began. He was mean and nasty and he seemed to enjoy it. I was very uncomforable, and guilty. I wanted to say something, as I worked with the public for many years.

Her neck was beet red. Something in her snapped! Lookin at him straight in his eyes, she took the two bags she filled for him out of his shopping cart and emptied them on the counter. Then locked her register and walked away. Her customer was dumbstuck! and as she walked away called her a “Fucking Fat Bitch” Then starting yelling for a manager!

When the supervisor or manager arrived , he demanded that the cashier be brought back to apologize to him! My stomached burned! In my mind I was screaming, oh hell no! as the supervisor or manager started apologizing, every checker! every cashier stopped! what they were doing to see how this was going to end. No one in line complained. We were all rivided!

Suddenly, this small woman wearing white glasses, came running from the produce areas, screamed Nooooooo! I’ve never seen her before. I thought to myself, Is she a manager? supervisor? ran over and said NO! she told, the customer to leave the store and never come back! She said, her store reserved the right to refuse service and she wanted him to leave!

He had words for her! He was going to sue the company and demanded her name and the corporate number. Please leave, she said. As he was walking out, he suddenly turned around and rushed toward her. Store employees and a male customer ran over to protect her.

He told the men, if they touched him, they were going to be arrested! As he backed away from the door and headed to the parking lot, there was Thunderous applause from the cashiers and the customers.

There is a segment of the population who seem to enjoy antagonising those in customer service. From waiters to Airline employees. Its an odd belief that says, as a customer, I am your boss! I am paying you, AND you must do as I say, and you must accept my abuse with a smile. It’s often sadistic! Did my calling you a “Fucking Loser Bitch” make you cry? Oh! boo hoo!

Often, the bad behavior is rewarded, managers give them what they want to make it go away.

A good manager or supervisor, does it sparingly, then communciates with her staff, “I did this because” A poor manager or supervisor, rubber stamps the behavior. This often affects the staff hurts moral. The rubber stamp often signals to the customer his actions will be rewarded at this location.

The Covid Effect

Many businesses of late are turning abusive customers away. Management is not allowing customers to berate the staff for doing their jobs.

Your seeing it on airlines and other areas of customer service. Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento. Say they will ban patrons for a year for arguing with staff for not wearing masks in the casino. They are extending that policy for other infractions.

It’s unlikely, you’ll hear a staff member say ” Have a nice day” to bad behaving customers.



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