Hotel Confidential: He said, he didn’t Care!


I was startled by late night screaming underneat the hotel awning. When I looked at the hotel camera. I saw two men and two women jump out of an old Nissan. One of the women was holding at toddler.   The other woman with long hair was standing at the drivers door screaming at a man wearing a blue and white shirt.  

If they were planning to get a room, the answer would have been, nope (sold out).

Unfortunatly, they were guest of the hotel. The woman with the toddler opened the door. As the rest of the group entered the hotel the man wearing the red shirt was trying to restrain the man in the blue and white shirt, who was angrily walking toward the woman holding the toddler.

“I want my stuff” the man yelled. The man in red said, look this is a business, you don’t want to go to jail! “I don’t care! ,the man replied.   “You should care” I told him- he’s telling you right (Yes, this was NONE of my business-I’m a complete stranger.)  Your not thinking clearly! You have a job, I asked? yeah! How long you think your going to keep this job once they find out you’ve assalted a woman and her child? “but I want my stuff!”, he begged. “You can go to Sears or Wal Mart and replace that stuff. You lose your job, you wont be able to pay your rent or your car payment if you have one. You need to look at the bigger picture!”.  “I dont care he said” and again started walking towards the woman with the toddler. The man with the red shirt was holding onto his shirt and pulled him outside.

The woman with the long hair, told the woman with the toddler, “you can stay with me or mama”. “If I go, he may follow me’. Her sister told her, let us worry about that. I told her, I could put you in another room, the only way he would know which room you were in, is if you told him. If that happens, then all of you would have to leave. She hesitated and said ok. I moved them to a different floor and she said she would move her stuff and told her sister to wait downstairs and call her if “he” comes back.

Before, she could get in the elevator, her sister was shaking her head. Two months, she said. TWO MONTHS! and he is trying to jump on her holding the baby. Is he the babies father, I asked (out of my lane again) she said NO! They have only known each other two months and I know he has hit her before, BUT, not in front of me!

I can see the two men on camera, in the parking lot having a heated conversation.

Big sister clearly frustsaid I don’t understand. She went and finished college! She is very professional! But he’s is not gonna hit her tonight!

The elevator door is opened, her sister came out holding the toddler. Everything is moved. The two sisters hugged and the older sister said, I’ll call you when I get home.

(Out of my lane) I asked what happend? He drove us home, and came up to my apartment. I realized I left something in his car, but he parked it so close, I couldn’t get into it. So I moved the car, so I could get in. I thought he was going home, but he hung out a while and when he left, his car was gone. I moved his car,in the tow away zone, thinking he was gonna leave and so the car was towed away. Most tow companies are opened twenty four hours right? Not this one, I called my sister and she drove us over to the tow company I was gonna pay for it, since it was my fault. but they don’t open until seven. At first, everything was alright, and then he started acting crazy, my sister drove him to his house and I checked in here, so there would be no problems. I had other questions, but……

Its none of my business (still out of my lane) but the fact that he was willing to hit you with your child in your hand would cause me to pause. I know,she said, that’s why I gotta think about dating black men. Its like they get crazy! Not all of us, I said. There are violent people in every race. I think we need to proceed with caution and get to know people before, entering into a realationship, cause I bet this wasn’t his first outburst. No, she said, then she changed it to yes, there were hints early on. But he seemed so nice and we connect on many levels-we can talk about everything, we like the same TV shows and movies.

Is that enough? They said Ted Bundy was nice. (who?). The moment, and I’m coming from a male perspective, he threatens to hit you, (he doesn’t actually have to hit you) its time to move on. We teach people how to treat us, dont give him permission to harm you, its not likely to be an isolated event. Plus you don’t want your child to think this is normal. That’s what my sister said. Your sister is smart.

She thanked me and said I reminded her of someone she went to school with., then returned to her room.

Mel S