“Whopper Serious”

Look at this face! Don’t play with her, and especially when it comes to her food! Don’t play with anyone who has an expression on her face like Mrs Judith Ann Black.

Friday evening, Judith,ordered a WHOPPER at the Burger King in Wildwood Florida.

Witness says she lost her shit, after examining her burger. A worker at the resturant tried to help. But she needed the seventy seven year old Black, to be a lady ( I wasn’t there just-making up as you read along) calm down.

After all, this was Burger King, they pride themselves for making things your way. As the BK clerk turned around, Mr’s Black thru the WHOPPER at her! hitting her in the neck. As she and her husband where leaving the resturant, the clerk followed them. The clerk and her collegue heard her say ” Shut up black Bitch”! Her co worker heard Mrs Black call her a “nigger”


Real Witnesses, keeping it raw at BK!

Several witnesses, the store manager and customers in resturant told the Wildwood Police Department. They saw the WHOPPA attack and heard Mrs Black call the clerk a “Black Nigger” and said “Fuck You” as she stormed away.

Oh no! Oh no! Oh no no no no! Its on Video!

There it was, the WHOPPA attack in HD. They were also able to capture the License Plate on the couples white Ram Pickup.

That was enough for the police. They ran the plate and arrested her at her home. Mr and Mrs Black lives in that giant retirement community called The Villages, billed as the Sunshine State’s “friendliest hometown.”

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If she’d just hit her with the WHOPPA and left, Mrs Black would have been charged with a Misdemeanor.

But, suga pie, honey bunch, “couldn’t help herself”. She just had to say Nigger! Nigger, Nigger!

Florida, don’t play dat! Because she used the “N” word while committing an offence (hitting the clerk with a WHOPPA, WHOPPA WHOPPA) her Misdemeanor (Elliot) became a Felony!

Trading Down

If she would have stilled her tounge, she could have chilled in the Villages, driving those Electric Golf Carts. Cruzin with her Golden Homies having cocktails. Instead spending time in jail. They say, she was relased early SATURDAY morning after making a $2500 bond.

Next stop court……….

All because of a Tomato. No one knows, if she wanted a Thicker Tomato or a Thinner Tomato? She was at Burger King, if she could have waited, she could have had it HER WAY!