Is my face mask making my ears larger?

While millions across the world, can’t wait to toss their face masks. I think mine will be my world for life.

It has served me well in the last year, as I come in contact with hundreds on a weekly basic. While I’m not quite ready yet, it will eventually come off outside.

I see maks being a part of my life, in late fall and winter from this time forward. Its not uncommon to see people wearing masks in some of the larger cities.

Its been more than a year, I’m no longer feeling the basic black masks, with the strings that pull on your ears. I think they are making my ears bigger. Now, that I have cut off my hair, I’m pulling in radio stations from Chico and the Bay Area a hundred miles away on my fm radio app on my cell phone.

Ok it the hair, but I’m looking for other options. My goal for this year is to step up my mask game.

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