NRA’s Wayne Lapierre Doesn’t buy his $39,000 work suits at Sears

Why The NRA and Wayne LaPierre's Next Foe is One of Their Own - The New  York Times

OOOOOOOOh Wee, there are questions, questions, QUESTIONS in New York! New York wants to know how the National Rifle Association has been SPENDING its CHARITABLE funds?

BIG QUESTIONS? There are rules, not just any kind of just put the dolla in the jar rules, but RULES! They want to know, how its spent and what its spent on. This is what New York’s Attorney General Letitia James wants to know!

What she does know……….

Wayne LaPierre has been the Exective Vice President and the NRA’s CEO for nearly 3 decades. What we have learned from his testimony, he is not a coupon kinda guy. He doesn’t have assistants scowering newspapers, looking for deals and he’s not a mall, or a Costco kinda man. He has spent THIRTY NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS for one suit in liberal Beverly Hills, a city that doesn’t like guns, unless its being carried by a security guard, outside their opulent homes.

While millions of Americans pay and donate to this organization, to preserve their rights to own a gun. LaPierre is living the high life. Attorney James, has accused the NRA of fraud, financial misconduct and misuse of charitable funds and wants to shut it down, to say bye, sayonara, adios, chow, to the NRA!

Now just wait a darn minute!

James maybe just a little unfair, to good ole Wayne. Two weeks ago, Wayne testified for two whole days. New York claimed that some of the gifts he received, represent undisclosed conflicts of interest. To defend himself, he told the folks in New York, he needed to get away after the Sandy Hook Shooting and that why he took the trip on the Hollywood producers ,108 foot yacht (called the Illusion). Well yeah, wasn’t his first time, he’s been on the yacht several times before, taking trips to the Bahamas, but I’m sure it they would have waited long enough, he would have had a real legitimate response.

Same thing about flying on a private charter jet, its for security. Imagine him on a Spirit flight, someone could get shot! Oh, and the suits. Italian Suits! $300,000 in Italian suits from a Zegna Mens Fashion in Beverley Hills. Ackerman McQueen his long time public relations person bought him for television appearances. You have to look your best on Fox!

New York says, LaPierre surrounded himself with yes men. Who’s job was to say YES, to the expenditures. Who didn’t really care what he did with the organzations mo-nay as long as their checks cleared.

One man did, former CFO, Craig Spray. When LaPierre, announced the NRA was filing for bankruptcy, Spray said, he was blindsided, and he wasn’t alone. General NRA counsel John Frazier and board member Phillip Journey were also in the dark. They weren’t aware, LaPierre created a new company and was planning to move the NRA to the great state of Texas.

Spray, questioned how the organization was handling its money. In Jan, LaPierre sent the NRA’s staff and board a letter claiming that Spray resigned due to medical issues. Not sure Spray was aware, HE WAS SICK!

Run, Wayne Run!

To the naked eye, it looks like LaPierre belived he could escape the mean people in New York by moving to Texas. After all, things have been just fine for decades and the NRAwas in GOOD financial health.

Sooooooooooooooo, how can you file bankruptcy if your organization was in good financial health?

Yesterday, the Texas Judge, said hey Wayne! Y’all got to go back to New York City and deal with Miss James. Now once she’s done with y’all, up in NEW YORK CITY. Y’all, more than welcome to move down here to TEX-US (What’s left of y’all -wink!) But chu cant come, until Miss James is done!

So, Wayne got some mo splanin, to do in New York City!