They may be as slo as Uncle Joe but the GOP got hur done!

What Marjorie Taylor Greene's Constituents Really Think of Her
CrazyTowns “Marjorie Taylor Green

No matter how dingy the politician is. The Republicans are slow to criticize another Republican. Sure, he is a pathological liar and may have attacked a few women, but Donald makes a good BLT. Matt Gaetz, showing pictures of naked women on the house floor? Sure it was inappropriate, but I heard they were tastful.

If crazy was an industry: Georgia’s Own Marjorie Taylor Green would be the CEO.

Marjorie Lazer Beam Green, has suggested the fires in California could have been started by “lasers or blue beams of light” shot down from space by allies of former Govenor Jerry Brown who were said to be in the solar energy industry, His allies just happen to be Jewish, to clear the path for the states bullet trains.

Green, suggested the mass murder in Las Vegas was staged. Questioned the authenticity of the 911 attack on the Pentagon and there are other outragious acts including the stalking of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. I could go on, but blue ink is expensive.

In the life of Representative Green, Comparing speaker of the House, Mama Pelosi’s, mask mandate on the House floor to the death of Jews during the Holocaust is just another day in her neighborhood.

The Repbulicans have a GREAT deal of respect for the Jewish community, someone will have to ask Kevin McCarthy and good ole Mitch McConnell why it took them five whole days to respond to Greens outrageous statement.

“Marjorie is wrong, and her intentional decision to compare the horrors of the Holocaust with wearing masks is appalling,” McCarthy finally wrote in a statement  released on Tuesday morning. “Let me be clear: the House Republican Conference condemns this language.”

House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise said: he does not agree with these comments and condemns these comparisons to the Holocaust. Good ole Mitch, found Greene’s comments “outrageous” and “reprehensible.

The hiarchy of the GOP can now give each other high fives. Sure it took them a minute, but they got hur done!