A late night Crepe on Columbus

Columbus Ave For decades,The TransAmerica Pyramid was the tallest building in San Francisco. The Salesforce Tower (with the blue top) is considerably taller. The Pyramid is currently the third tallest Skycraper in the city.

Saturday night and the streets aren’t all right. This is NOT San Francisco a week before the Memorial Day Weekend. The streets are empty. South of Market was dead, the Wharf was filled with local tourist. These are people from the Bay and other parts of Northern Cali who walk around, however they don’t spend the dollars that would inspire restaurants and other tourist shops to stay open. There was some activity on Polk Street, most of the places were closing for the night.

Even North Beach , the hub of late night entertainment was dead. Many of the street lights along Columbus Avenue near the TransAmerica Pyramid were out. The late night restaurants that I have frequented through the years had either closed early or closed for good.

Hungry at midnight, my friend recommended a late night crepe restaurant that was open. The restaurant is small. The crepes were intensly created in the window of the restaurant. There was a small line in this one man operation, filled with pictures of Paris. The wait was short.

Crepe Station

Not only did he make the crepes, he was the cook, cashier and ambassador.

I learned his name was Solomon, I am assuming he is the owner as he told me the restaurant reopened two weeks ago. His personality is jovial and welcoming. He asked the few people sitting in this small restaurant if they liked their crepes. I ordered a crepe with cheese, smoked turkey and cranberries ($7.)

It was a nice change from a Burger. The only issue I had was with a renegade cranberry that attacked my shirt. We will return….

Crepe A Go Go 522 Columbus Avenue San Francisco