You must be a DEMOCRAT!

Its almost summer in Sacramento, and my AC is out!   I’ve been summoned by the County for Jury Duty.  The recording said,  I needed to appear at 1pm.  The heat convinced me to take a short nap before going to court, it didnt make sense, but I thought I’d set several alarms in two rooms.

My alarms worked, and somehow I turned all three alarms off and returned to the loving arms of my bed.  When my eyes opened it was 2:16 pm.  Clothes, shoes mask, keys. 300 plus pounds of speed,motived by fear and possible jail time.  I arrived at the courthouse somewhere between 2:30 and 2.45.  Sitting at a desk at the entrance, were two sherriff deputies, one for employees and other for jurors.  When I arrived, there was silence. ” I’m here for jury duty ” I said.  What time, he asked?  One o clock!  “Well its got to be after three”, the other sheriff said.  That 1pm group was dismissed, your good to go-your done!   He handed me a small piece of paper that read, thank you and something about if its less than two days, that I wasn’t eligible for jury pay.  

I was in shock! They had a lil sheriff fun at my expense.  Walking down “H” street, I thought to myself,Instead of going home to my hot apartment where all I was going to do was sweat. I should go to the Century and see “Into the Heights”  in good old air conditioning.  

As I was walking up “I” street, a lady walked towards me and said ” why are you wearing a mask?”  I wasn’t completely sure she was talking to me.  “Hey, you dont have to wear a mask!”  I looked around, “Yes I know” and kept walking.   I looked back and the woman is following me.  “You don’t have to wear a mask outside”  I know, I said” “Then why are you wearing one?”   I want to!   “You must be a fucking Democrat!”  All you libs!  I crossed “I” street at Ceasar Chavez Park and this loon is following me! Screaming, she hates the Democrats! She hates Sacramento, she’s gonna move out of this state.  “I hope they impeach Governor Newsom”she screamed-he makes everyone wear a mask and he doesn’t!  I hope they put him in jail.” Fucking Democrat.  Turning left, on “J” street, she stop following me. Midway up the block, I wanted to turn around and scream at her. Hey ‘B’ I’m not an Democrat! I’m an Independent!