“See I have black girlfriends” RHONY cast member Ramona Singer taking pictures with black women to prove she’s not racist?

Ramona Singer Eboni K Williams

Bravo is slowly adding color to the Housewives. Hispanics and Asians to Dallas, Asians and Blacks to Beverly Hills, and a Black woman to New York City.

Color has changed the dynamics in each of these cities. The white housewives are very concerned about their image and dont’t want to appear as racist or insensitive. The Housewives of Color are adjustiing to being the only person of color in a group of women. Like starting any new relationships there are bumps and misunderstandings. Meeting someone of another Hue and or background often adds another layer of misundestandsings, smoothed out over time.

Ramona Singer, is probably the whitest of all the New York Houswives. She has many friendships with well to do white women on the Upper East Side of New York City and in South Hampton.

Has Ramona discovered Black women? Is a blonde Afro in her future?

On this week’s Real Housewives of New York there is some speculation, that Ramona is posting pictures online with black friends, to show she’s not racist!

I’ve been watching RHONY since its inception and ain’t nobody seen Ramona with a person of color unless they were unpacking her clothes or cookin her dinna.

Her girl, Sonja Morgan is not buying it! Calling Ramona a “master manipulator”

Not just one black woman but two! A week apart! Next time we’ll see her she will have a blond Afro wearing a “Black Lives Matter” tee.

No one has called Ramona a racist. Privileged, rude, YES! racist no.

Her friends, castmates have been critical of Ramona’s treatment of workers and staff, when they’ve gone on vacation. She isnt rude to a specific race, she is condescending to housekeepers, servers, and the list goes on.

Earlier this season, new castmember Eboni Willaims was troubled by Ramona’s treatment of her WHITE staff in the Hampton’s, Calling them “The Help” This was a trigger for Eboni as her beloved grandmother was a housekeeper.

In their separate confessionals, Sonja, Leah and Luann, all agreed it sounds like “A Ramona move”

She LOVES the Blacks