Gas Prices, Flight Cancellations, Employee Shortages the US may need to rethink its immigration policy.

If you are traveling anywhere, you wait maybe longer, The cost of Gas is higher and there is a 20% chance your flight may be cancelled.

Oil Refineries are refining, Planes are ready, restaurants are open as are shopping malls.

The problem is an employee shortage, last year the Airlines furloughed thousands. Thousand more are walking off jobs. Labor Department data on the number of available workers with the number of job openings, there are now 1.4 available workers per job. This, according to the Chamber, is insufficient.

First, the ratio was even lower before the pandemic—around 1.0 in 2018─2019. Worker availability is actually higher now.

Second, the ratio has been falling for years. What’s different now is it has reached a point where workers and jobs are roughly in balance. No more worker surplus means employers don’t get the luxury of picking from multiple candidates. That’s new to them and, naturally, some find it difficult.

Here’s the US working age (15–64) population since 1977. It has stopped growing and is starting to shrink. This is a big reason employers can’t fill jobs. In many cases, the workers they want simply don’t exist.

Disappearing Dollar Menu

There are some fast food restaurants in the San Francisco Bay Area where the beginning wages are nearly nineteen dollars an hour. The realty in less than ten years, as the last baby boomers retire, the worker shortage will be larger and the Government, might have to re-think its immigrant policy.