Kailfornia on Krack: Drought? What Drought?

Folsom Lake water level below average
Folsom Lake, Sacramento County

All over the world there are images of low lying lakes and near empty reserviors in Kalifornia, however in the state few people are talking about the drought.

Last night the automatic sprinklers watered the lush green lawns in my aparment complex. In this intensely flammable state, there are fireworks stands are all over Sacramento, the charities will benefit from the sales and if a few subdivisions go up in flames, at least the skies were pretty.

While Kailfornians in the population centers along the coast are very aware of the ongoing fire danger they are unaware that there are small towns in the central valley that are completely out of water.

In other years of severe drought, the goverement would fine Kailfornians for watering their lawns, closed down pools, tell citizens to take shorter showers and in some cases, you would have to ask for water in resturants. But so far nothing. So feel free to fill up your water balloons and bomb a senior center, where its “Party all the Time!”

Fires, low reserviors, and no water restrictions makes me…………….

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“””””””Conspiracy Theory””””””””

Governor hair gel is fighting a recall. Me thinks, he wants….

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Unicorns and Rainbows until the election. Drought? what drought? Keep watering your lawns, if Kailfornia runs out of water, we’ll import fresh water from Flint, Michigan. We’ll put solar panels on walkers! Forget about that uber expensive dinner in the Napa Valley where he was allegedly was dining without a mask, (the Chauffer had it!)

While hair gel is likely to be re-elected (after all Caitlyn Jenner is one of his GOP opponets) he is not taking any chances. In fact, everyone who LEGALLY votes for him gets a free Electric Car*


*Batteries not included