Mary Sue

Me Running Down A Hotel Hallway - YouTube

It’s after midnight, an disoriented older lady in her night gown approached the hotels front desk.   ” I’m sorry, I don’t know how I got here. I think I was sleep walking, and I don’t know what room I’m in, can you check Donaldson? ”    The front desk clerk checked the computer.  Donaldson? she asked, I don’t have a Donaldson.   ” You don’t have Donaldson? Bob Donaldson?”   “I’m with a large group and we are all going to Hawaii for the holidays ”    Do you know the name of the other people traveling, the desk clerk asked.    “Amy, her name is Amy!”  Do you know her last name?   “Ah, let me think, I…. don’t know-can you just call the rooms?”   No, I need her last name.

‘Oh, I don’t know her last name!  What am I gonna do? I can’t think! I can’t think! and you don’t have a Bob Donaldson? ”   “Oh, what am I gonna do?”  ” Were supposed to go to the Airport at four O’ clock”  ” I don’t know, what I’m gonna do!”

Please sit down, the desk clerk begged just try to relax.   ” I cant think” ‘Okay”  

The desk clerk, went through the hotel shuttles list and found a group with five rooms.  Ma’am, what is your name?   ” Mary Sue, did you find them? ” she stands up and walks to the desk.  Not. yet, she tells  Mary Sue to sit and she will let her know.   

The desk clerk, calls the room, its after 1am.   The calls go to voice mail.  Someone in room 311, picks up the receiver and then hangs up       Mary Sue, starts to cry,  “What if no one comes down, they may leave me?”   They wont leave you, the clerk try’s to reassure Mary Sue.   

After several attempts, the clerk reaches a room.  The man on the other end of the line is confused, ” who is this, he asked?”  This is Tina, I’m at the front desk and we have young lady who doesn’t remember what room she’s in, her name is Mary Sue.  ” That’s my wife.  What time is it?  We are leaving at four.  Do you know what time it is? ”   Yes, its eleven minutes after one.    ” Is everybody, down there for the shuttle, were going to Hawaii for the 4th of July”  No sir, your wife, would like to go to the room.    “So nobody’s down there?”   Just your wife, you should come down to pick her up.    Yes.   Make sure you bring your key.  “Yes I will”

“So, is he coming down, Mary Sue asks?”   Her face lights up.  ” Thank you, I am so sorry, what is your name?”  Tina.   

The elevator door opens and a man comes out in his pajamas.   He appears to be in his eighties or nineties.  He looks at Mary Sue, and says  “Where is your robe?” Then he tells Tina, about the trip to Hawaii.   Mary Sue mouthes thank you as she pushes him towards the elevator.

Its 3am,  two men approach the front desk. “Our flight was delayed and we will need a later shuttle to the airport.   One of the men asks, if he could pay for a couple of the rooms.    The desk clerk remembered the room numbers and told them about Mary Sue,  both men roll their eyes.   Annoyed, at their lack of concern, she recommends a new shuttle time for the group.