Brazil: Racial Exclusion at The Top of Brazil’s Income Pyramid Increases

By: Ericka Fraga, Tayguara Ribeiro, Gustavo Queirolo/FolhaDEsaupaulo

Sau Paulo: The gap between the share of Blacks and whites among the wealthiest 10% Brazilians is expected to increase in at least 14 Brazilian states, according to the Folha de Equilíbrio Racial Index.

In 2019, Blacks and browns accounted for 54% of Brazilians aged 30 or over and made up 30.4% of the top of the income pyramid.

This combination was an IFER of -0.48, according to the index methodology developed by INSPER economists Sergio Firpo, Michael França, and Alysson Portella.

If the recent trajectory of factors affecting the economic component of the index is not changed, this share will tend toward shrinking even further, reaching 24% in 2046, or -0.59 on the IFER scale.

The Midwest region, where the Black population is less isolated, is the only one that has reduced income disparity.