Ten Days of Dolly Parton (10) ” Me and Little Andy”

Dolly Parton was already a Country Superstar when I was introduced to her in 1977. An accomplished writer she didn’t pen ‘Here you come again” her first big crossover hit. While I liked the song, I considered it fluff like her voice. Her personality is contagious, as big as her hair and her boobs. Like many female country singers of that era, she wasn’t overly coached and the result was a personality that seemed ginuwine.

Nice, and likable but no sale. A friend asked me if I like Dolly? she’s ok I replied? This man, who has every track Dinah Washington ever recorded. Wanted me to hear a Dolly Pardon song. Within the first 3 seconds, I hated the song and thought he was joking. As I was chuckling at the joke, he said Listen. ,Few can tell a story as well as Dolly. By the end of the song ,a tear broke loose and was streaming down my cheek. This song “Me and little Andy: is on the ‘Here you come again”album. If you bought that vinyl album at Sears for $4,99 its worth between $25 and the $100 today, the CD is selling for $200 and on Amazon.