I’m just evil!

It was a flight from Las Vegas to Sacramento, no seat was empty. She was carrying a small dog in a carrying case that just happened to match her outfit. Her seat was at the very rear of the plane. A flight attended asked her to put her mask on. She ignored the attendent. You need to put your mask on. The passenger looked forward. Ma’am . The passengers are getting fidgety, she looked over to the person sitting next to her and said, “I’m just evil”. The passengers erupted after an attendent said, everyone would have to deplane. Some of the passengers focused their anger on the unmasked passenger, chanting “take her off”. When the police arrived, she didn’t put up a fight and left with a smile on her face. The majority of the passengers applauded as she walked down the aisle for the final time. The delay cost the passengers 30 minutes.

Wearing a mask on commercial flights is mandatory, punishable by a fine of $250 for the first offense and up to $1,500 for repeat offenses. The airline will refund the passengers fare ban them for a year and direct them to another airline. The cost of the new ticket could be as much as five times what she paid for he orginal ticket.

After reality$$$ settles in, one wonders if she thought it was worth it.