Ten Days of Dolly Parton (9) Shinola

Dolly Rebecca Parton was po! Too po to afford the or. Her father paid the doctor who brought her into the world with a bag of oatmeal. She was the fourth of twelve children. For years her family lived in a one bedroom cabin.

Big hair was county, but Dolly went bigger. Her make up was sometimes closer to Tammy Faye Baker than Patsy Cline. But she was always in front of the joke, making fun of herself and her exaggerated apperance. In 2008, she recorded her 42nd studio album “Backwood Barbie under her own label “Dolly Records” The album was not was not a commerial sucess. However, the Backwoods Barbie Tour was a worldwide sucess. This is the third cut from that album “Shinola”